Our Mission

Scatter Sunshine is a philanthropic foundation focused on raising funds that will be used to sponsor young horseback riders with special needs—allowing exceptional children the chance to overcome their physical and cognitive challenges and recognize their incredible potential.


About the Logo

The logo for Scatter Sunshine was created with love. Rachel's brother, Drew (6 at the time) illustrated the Sunshine. He made sure to carefully include her glasses and freckles across her nose. Rachel's brother, Adam (9 at the time) wrote the words, "Scatter Sunshine." The "U" in sunshine is a horseshoe, representing Rachel's love of horses and the mission of the Foundation in her honor–helping special kids ride horses. The handprint behind the sun is Rachel's ACTUAL handprint, just hours before she went to heaven. The white 'paint' is messy, just the way Rachel liked things. The yellow color is bright and cheerful the way Rachel always was!